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Obituary for Vanessa "Wilson" Edgerton

Vanessa K. Edgerton, passed away June 29, 2022 was born August 16, 1967 in Winston Salem, North Carolina as Vanessa K. Wilson. Vanessa was the daughter of Gilbert Wilson and Mary Hedgecock, though was raised by Mary and Mathew Bones; Mathew she considered to be her true father, although not by blood but rather by love. Vanessa loved and appreciated her parents very much, understanding the sacrifices, they made to make her younger life more comfortable. Vanessa had two older siblings, a brother Vincent, and a sister Vicky, and although she may not have shown it, she did truly love them, and would regret not telling how much she cared for them toward the end of her life. She lived her life primarily in Camden, New York, going to school and gaining a GED from Camden High School. Vanessa would be the first in her family to go on to college, at Onondaga Community College where she gained her associates degree in photography. She would work and travel around taking pictures of people and places until an injury at work prohibited her from continuing to do so. She would marry twice in her life; she remained with her second husband, David R. Edgerton, until her untimely death. Vanessa and David Edgerton would go on to have a son Travis M. Edgerton, who she was able to see graduate from Camden High School. David, who is a custom car builder, would often travel to car shows with Vanessa and Travis; it was a work they all enjoyed. Vanessa, along with enjoying car shows and photography, loved baking; Vanessa and her son would often bake treats for the family to enjoy when she was able. Vanessa also loved to go to garage sales, she enjoyed walking about and coming home with trinkets and what have you. Vanessa would have cancer three times. She was in every regard a fighter. When she was sick, she would spend her time in forest pathways made by the family on their own property, or in one of her most favorite places in the world, Forest Park in Camden. She loved taking pictures of the wild flora and fauna there. People who knew Vanessa understood very clearly that she loved all animals, she always had a dog and/or a cat in her life. Vanessa was also an avid lover of butterflies, fairies, and birds, anything that could fly really. She would always try to help an injured bird or butterfly she found, and if she encountered a cocoon, she would take the time to ensure it was safe and protected. While she was sick, Vanessa’s son and husband would always support her and be with her when she needed them to be. While she was sick, she also confided in her friends, many of which she had since she was in high school. She had undying love and support in her life, which she tried to return back to the people who loved her. Vanessa did not want a funeral, making remarks that they are too sad, so the family will hold a celebration of life at a future date. If you knew her, the family requests that you do not send flowers, instead donate to any one of the animal shelters of the donor’s choosing, Vanessa would rather it have been done that way. 
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